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Okinawa Diet: Secret to Longevity

Orgaia’s Professor Giovanni Scapagnini attended the FOOD, WATER and HEALTH conference in VENICE, ITALY where he presented THE OKINAWA DIET – SECRET TO LONGEVITY.

The FOOD, WATER and HEALTH conference was organised by the Umberto Veronesi Foundation.

The event presented insights into health topics related to water and food, starting from the contribution that science can give for improving access to drinking water and more nutritious foods in developing countries. There is increasing interest in the link between our diets and modern health problems, such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The conference discussed how our diet has evolved over the past four million years and the evidences suggesting that our health problems are due to a mismatch between the hunter-gatherers diet (Paleolithic diets) and how our genome is best adapted to and our modern post-agricultural diet (Neolithic diet). The event presented a snapshot of the epidemic diffusion of chronic diseases in our society and the research goals of nutrigenomics, the science concerned with the relationships between nutrients, human genome and health. Food is not only energy for life. The nature of food preferences was also explored. How do our taste genes shape our diet? Which factors influence our perception and enjoyment of food and drink? How is food perceived in different cultures? The conference addressed the importance of a healthy diet rich in food bio-actives to prevent chronic diseases and promote healthy aging, with a special focus on the emerging role of intestinal microbiota in our health.

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adminOkinawa Diet: Secret to Longevity
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Nutrigenomics: New Perspectives for a Nutraceutical Personalised Approach

Orgaia’s Prof Giovanni Scapagnini gave a keynote address on INNOVATION at the ‘Global trends, Regulation and Innovation in Food Supplements’ Summit in Italy.

His talk covered the topic:

The global food supplement market is estimated to reach 250 billion$ in 2018 with a CAGR of 7% over the forecast period. The key drivers of growth will be related to increasing consumer awareness and education on the role of food supplements as part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle, allowing consumers to make better-informed choices. Overwhelming evidence now supports the effects of food supplements – concentrates of important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids and other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect – in various life stages.

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adminNutrigenomics: New Perspectives for a Nutraceutical Personalised Approach
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Orgaia to Develop Innovative Natural Sweeteners

Orgaia is in the planning stages to work on developing new natural functional sweeteners and sugar substitutes.

This project is in response to the global diabetes and obesity epidemic and the great need to find sweetener alternatives to sugar with low calories that carry new added functionalities.

These ‘functional sweeteners’ project will use Orgaia’s NaturaGenomics™ philosophy and science deriving its innovation from Orgaia’s great expertise in integrating nature and nutrigenomics knowledge.

“It is clear now, that caloric restriction is vital to longevity but people want sweetness in their lives. It is how we balance these two ideas that can make a difference. We are now in the early stages of the new generation of sweetener development in the food industry. At Orgaia we are passionate about truly innovating by providing a sweetener that carries major functional properties based from nature”

said Nicolas de Santis, CEO of Orgaia.

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adminOrgaia to Develop Innovative Natural Sweeteners
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