Orgaia is an innovative health and nutrition biotech company

Orgaia are focused in providing integrated nutritional science solutions and the development of bioactive ingredients to clients in a variety of sectors including the food and nutrition industry, drinks & beverages and the health & wellness industry.  At Orgaia, we offer a full range of customised services in every stages of functional food development from concept to successful market implementation. By selecting Orgaia, you can embrace a strategic partnerships to create and improve your product development strategies and achieve a strategic advantage.Our flexible and integrated approach includes: cost savings, accelerated development times, rapid problem solving and quality optimization. Orgaia was established by scientists and individuals who share the passion to ride the future of nutritional health, aging prevention, nutri-genomics, epigenetics and genomic research.

Orgaia research is developed by top scientists and scientific research

Orgaia are focused on the better governance of human cellular function and preservation of genome integrity. Orgaia offers the molecular design of multifunctional foods and bioactive nutrigenomic ingredients to prevent and delay human aging.  Orgaia provides a new scientific knowledge that is applicable to the design, production, and characterization of functional and healthy food. We combine multidisciplinary expertise with the ability to make innovation and design a new generation of functional food with proven health benefits. We are also dedicated to provide concept formulations for new product development and existing product optimisation. Orgaia can assist food and health companies through practical models and innovative services in the field of the discovery, development and optimization of supplements or functional and natural/organic foods. Our goal is to make high value food products from concept to claim.

Orgaia operates in the field of scientific research activities within the nutraceutical industry

We also operate in the fields of functional foods and drinks in which significant results have already been achieved with products already launched in the market including the registration of patents and technology transfer.

Orgaia operates worldwide

Orgaia operates in Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia working with key corporate clients and institutions on projects to develop new natural nutritional discoveries that improve life. We offer tailored made solutions for clients that search to advance the nutritional nature of their products. Our strategy is based on constant research and innovation to develop new products, patents, technologies and processes for food and nutrition whose applications and results can be proven and demonstrated with research or nutritional trials.

The nutrition revolution

The nutrition revolution is about the increasing knowledge consumers have on how nutrition (food & drinks) and diet affects their health and their lives. This is transforming the way consumers look at brands and the food and drinks products they buy. Many consumers are switching to better diets and more natural foods and ingredients that provide some functional and health benefit. For this reason, real science and market innovation are fundamental to stay ahead in food and nutrition. If a company wants to guarantee its future in the market it must strive to respond to this mega-trend in health that affects consumers as well as public health, health insurance and government spending.

Orgaia taps into the great potential of the functional foods, drinks and nutraceutical markets a growth industry where beverages alone are at the top of the category with functional beverages expected to account for over 40% of overall functional consumer demand by 2025.

Growth of functional foods

Although there are many functional foods and drinks in the market promising exciting claims, almost none or few can really prove their effectiveness or real science. Is it really healthy to get your daily vitamins, energy and antioxidants in a drink? How? Soon it will be impossible to launch a product and claims without showing the science behind that claim. In view of the growth of the functional foods and drinks sector it will be critical not only to differentiate the brand offering but to be able to provide true science in the product offering.

Orgaia provides its clients with the vital components to develop new product strategies, providing them with real science, state of the art research labs and strategy support to allow clients to innovate fast, develop the next generation of products and their market potential to the full.

With the understanding of your business model and using a BLUE OCEAN strategy approach to product and brand portfolios, Orgaia will help you in the transformation of your portfolio for the future transforming ‘me too’ undifferentiated products into product pioneers in the marketplace.