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Nutrigenomics (nutritional genomics) is the study of the effects of foods and food constituents on gene expression. Orgaia’s nutrigenomics research focuses on identifying and understanding molecular-level interaction between nutrients and other dietary bioactives with the genome.

Molecular Nutrition Studies

Identification of fractionates, plant species and extracts that may be a source of healthy bioactive compounds useful for the development of high value functional food products. Our facilities use state of the art equipment to identify food sources and functional ingredients for developing healthy and customised food products. We characterize healthy food bioactive compounds by powerful analytical platform such as HPLC, GC, TOF and QTOF analysers. Our research projects also include bioassay investigations to assess health function potentials of bioactive food ingredients on whole body physiology at a molecular and cellular level. We perform in vitro laboratory assays and pre-clinical studies to target physiological pathway relevant to functional well-being. We use high-throughput technologies such as genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, epigenomics, and metabolomics to provide reliable results on bioactivity and bioefficacy.

“Nature Whole Food” Approach

Orgaia’s nutrigenomics view of functional foods and Nutraceutical encompasses a “nature whole food” approach – a study of natural ingredients and natural foods in their entirety, their individual components and how they affects the human body on the cellular level. These food items are considered to be positioned between traditional foods and medicines at the so-called ‘Pharma-Nutrition Interface’. Food is much more than calories, in fact there are millions of molecules of information in every bite of food that you eat! These molecules come into your body; affect how your cells behave and how you feel. Functional nutrition and nutraceuticals have a key role to play in the future of how nutrition affects global health.

Functional Nutrition and Nutraceuticals

The correct design of functional nutrition and nutraceuticals is essential for both preventing illness and for recovering from disease. For example, specific nutrients can help your liver detoxification pathways, give you sustained energy, help you sleep deeply, and support your general well-being. Food can also be your poison and harm your body.

Lifestyle, genetic make-up and internal as well as external environments define your health status. Nutrigenomics and functional nutrition is the way to preserve cell integrity and optimal functioning. Functional foods deliver health benefits through a combination of core whole/real food nutritional value and/or added specialty health ingredients.

Orgaia & Product Development

Functional food & drinks innovation is built during the early stages of new product development and origination of the products. Top science based supportive data and strategy data is gathered throughout this process, to demonstrate the science, quality, safety efficacy and market potential for new nutraceutical and functional drinks and foods, to be used in marketing applications, cost-effectiveness evaluations and regulatory issues. It is also critical to know and substantiate the claims that manufacturers can make about functional foods’ nutrient content and effects on disease, health or body function.

Orgaia scientists and strategists can help clients develop clear segmentation strategies (market countries, regions, market segments) and focus on specific types (children, women, young adults, elders, etc) in order to create functional nutrition strategies, patents and products. Orgaia can assist you at every stage of the process from theoretical product development through to market launch and regulatory project management. The process of developing innovative functional food or nutraceutical products is a multi-step process. It begins with a thorough investigation of the scientific literature as well as the strategic opportunity in the marketplace in order to satisfy a need of consumers. We work with our clients in the product development process making sure that all information relating to the appropriate safety and efficacy evidence is available in order to determine and support the health claim potential and marketability of the products.

Orgaia works in developing products for clients in these two well defined areas:

1. Nutraceuticals: healthful products that are formulated and taken in dosage form (capsules, tinctures, powder, tablets, etc).
2. Functional foods: food and drinks products that are consumed as foods and not in dosage form.

We apply our knowledge to develop products for clients in the following product categories:

A functional beverage is a drink product that is non-alcoholic and includes in its formulation ingredients such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids or additional raw fruit or vegetables. It often claims to provide specific health benefits. Examples include sports and performance drinks, energy drinks, ready to drink (RTD) teas, enhanced fruit drinks, and enhanced water. Functional drinks are promoted with benefits such as heart health, improved immunity and digestion, joint health, satiety, mood and energy-boosting. The Global functional drinks market has been estimated to be worth $89.6 billion by 2016 (Source: Functional Drinks: Global Industry Guide) with total revenues of $65 billion in 2013 (Source: Datamonitor).

Functional foods are foods that have a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition. Consumer interest in the relationship between diet and health has increased the demand for functional foods. Factors fuelling interest in these foods include the rapid advances in science and technology, increasing healthcare costs, changes in food laws affecting label and product claims, an aging population and rising interest in attaining wellness through diet.

The use of functional dietary supplements offers opportunities to reduce health risk factors and risk of diseases, both as monotherapy and in combination with prescription drugs. Natural nutraceutical supplements can add a compelling market differentiator and innovative selling points for your products.

Skincare, Skin Repair, Cell Renewal

Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products with biologically active ingredients such as creams, lotions and ointments. Products which are similar in perceived benefits but ingested orally are known as nutri-cosmetics (nutritional supplements which purport to support the function and the structure of the skin). Demonstrating that products are safe and produce the desired effects showing clear evidence is critical in this extremely competitive sector.

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