Orgaia Foundation

Scientific research to advance health and protect nature, and the world’s biodiversity and ecosystems.

Science from Nature

How we protect and respect nature will determine the future of humanity. In fact, if we do not respect nature, we do not respect ourselves as a human race. Nature and biodiversity provide the key ingredients that we need to live healthy lives and maintain our health, not only now, but more importantly in the future. The world’s forests, rainforests and the plants that they have are a treasure for humanity that must be preserved at all costs. They contain invaluable molecules that are key to our health and that must be protected.

Protecting Ecosystems

The world has lost many plants and forests to deforestation, climate change, bad governance and illegal activities. Many are now extinct and many are endangered. Similarly, many communities in the wild suffer the dangers of disappearing and with them, their knowledge of the use and effects of these plants. Losing these communities and their plants means losing potential cures for many diseases and illnesses. It is an unimaginable loss.

Naturagenomics™ and Biodiversity

The Orgaia Foundation’s philosophy and mission is called Naturagenomics™ as it is fully anchored in the link of science, nature and global sustainability. We aim to revalue these natural resources by showing their importance for humanity’s future and by developing projects that help in regenerating the world’s global forests, natural resources and their communities. Our role is to create this awareness and elevate us into a new consciousness of our connection with nature, and in a way, ourselves.

Preservation and Protection

The Orgaia Foundation works to preserve and protect invaluable natural resources, like our forests, rainforests, plants, and the invaluable molecules and chemicals that these resources contain which are key to our future health. We do this via:

Our Network

We are building a network of the world’s greatest scientists, institutions and people that believe in the key role that nature plays in the future of science and health.

Education and Outreach

Develop education on the crucial role of nature, biodiversity and sustainability to maintain ecosystem balance and protect humanities health.

The Amazon Rainforest Project

The relevance of biodiversity to human health is becoming an international political issue, as scientific evidence builds on the global health implications of biodiversity loss. Our Amazon Rainforest project focuses on the botanic and biological treasures of the Amazon, their communities and the protection of this invaluable natural and social resource.

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