Outsourced R & D

Orgaia provides an innovation outsourcing capability for R&D for functional foods, nutraceuticals and nutritional products from conceptualization to implementation. Via our Scientific Partnerships and Scientific Advisory for functional foods, drinks and nutrition Orgaia provides clients arrangements that can include the following services and benefits:

  • New functional product development to help create a new products ‘space’ in the food and beverage industry.
  • Create and support client reputation for top science in record time and affordable costs, impossible to achieve if client had to build it by itself.
  • Improve current brands and create new products with cutting edge nutrition functional technology.
  • Develop exclusive new added value foods and beverages.
  • Development of intellectual property: Orgaia’s own patent development system.
  • Have direct access to top science to discuss key product ideas and issues.
  • Develop branded ingredients.
  • Consulting for the advertising campaign and media dissemination.
  • Help shape health policy – develop media campaigns (example: Documentary for National Geographic on superfood polyphenols plant extracts).
  • Nutrition and Health Related advice and Issue resolution and services for development of functional foods and drinks.
  • Botanical and chemical analysis for characterization and definition of active compounds in plants, superfoods, existing formulations, etc.
  • Identification and characterization of extraction processes.
  • Preparation of appropriate scientific literature to support product launches. (Example: recent studies to get market approval for a dietary supplement).
  • Determine appropriate nutrition and health claims development strategies.
  • Preparation of Product Dossiers and Research Reports for regulatory processes.

The Future of Nutrition Companies

The future of nutrition companies and the value of drinks and food health products will be based on their functionality and health positioning. Access to our science and knowledge provides our clients with a great competitive advantage over their competitors in the food, drinks and nutrition sector.

Our outsourced R&D service can include:

  • R&D & Innovation Consulting Activities
  • DNA Genetic Testing, Diagnostics and Reports
  • Identification of new bioactive ingredients
  • Botanical and chemical analysis for characterization and definition of active compounds in plants, food, existing formulations
  • Characterisation of functional ingredients
  • Nutraceutical formulations
  • Biomarkers identification and qualification
  • Evaluation of biological activity and bio-availability of functional ingredients (in silico and in vitro studies)
  • Marketing and brand strategy for commercialisation of functional foods.
  • Consulting for the advertising campaigns and media dissemination
  • Design the most appropriate formulation for the product(s)
  • Scientific Patent Development
  • Evaluation of the activity of dietary bioactive components in:
  • Inflammation
  • Oxidative stress
  • Epigenetic modifications (Histone modification, DNA methylation, Non-coding RNAs)

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For more information about our R & D services, contact: enquiries@orgaia.com

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